BookCoverPreview.old sins long shadowsjpg-cropcover-cropNominated for the 2014 RONÉ “Best Indie or Small Published book of 2013 Award”. A Cornish Victorian romance set against the backdrop of the magnificent Bosvenna Estate, with eccentric rural characters and the sweeping hills of the dramatic Bodmin Moor. Janey Carhart’s story is a tale of obsession, jealousy and love.

At the age of nine, Janey’s younger sisters die from scarlet fever and her grief stricken mother blames Janey for their deaths. Financial difficulties and a desire to win back her mother’s love, forces Janey to enter service where she quickly rises through the ranks.

Upon her arrival to the elegant Cornish Country Estate, she successfully secures a position of a lady’s maid for the wealthy and powerful Brockenshaw family. An exchange of letters between Lady Brockenshaw and her son ignites Janey’s interest, but Janey’s feelings for this mysterious and charming gentleman soon change her life forever.

Old sins cast long shadows and not only does Janey’s mother’s wrath affect Janey’s life, there are others whose sins risk destroying her, the people she cares about and her capacity to love again. Daniel Kellow, her neighbour, offers his help. Can she trust this man who has, it is rumoured, killed a man? Who is the real Daniel Kellow and can she trust him? Can he trust her?


BookCoverPreview gossamer trail coverNominated for the 2015 RONÉ “Best Indie or Small Published book of 2014 Award”

Beth Jago appears to have the idyllic life-she has a trade to earn a living and a cottage of her own in the beautiful River Valley. When Beth starts receiving threatening letters demanding that she leaves the only place where she has been happy, she is determined to stay. When a stranger enters her home, Beth defends it with a pan, but in doing so robs the man of his memory.

Brought together by unknown circumstances, she reluctantly offers him her help until he recovers. Yet can she trust the man with no name and no past that now lives beneath her roof or is he as dangerous as his nightmares suggest? As the threats worsen, it is not only her home she risks losing. Her reputation and her heart are affected by the handsome man’s presence but, unknown to her, the stranger is aware someone is watching her.

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