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Many people would like to write at least one book in their life. I was no exception and wrote my first one at the tender age of eleven. As an enthusiastic child, I loved writing stories and felt immensely proud of my creation. At the time, I truly believed it would be the first of many. Little did I realise that life does not always allow enough time to follow too many dreams at once. My thoughts of becoming a writer were suppressed while I followed my other dreams of being a nurse, a wife and a mother.

IMG_1198Recently, I found the book in a box full of childhood memories. Its cover more worn than I remember and its size so much smaller. The writing was messy, the spellings were abysmal and the illustrations comical, yet all those feelings of achievement and satisfaction came flooding back to me as I turned its pages. The book was my childish attempt at a writing career, little did I know that it would be another 37 years before I had the courage and time to do it again.

I started writing again in 2012 and have since written several books in my favourite genre – historical romance. Since publishing my first book, my books have been twice nominated for the RONE Indie and Small Published Book Award in America and short-listed for the New Talent Award at the Festival of Romantic Fiction in England.3d Booksflwsbig 500dpi

My experience has taught me it is never too late to follow a dream. The only obstacle is finding the time to do it!

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